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Start your weight loss journey today.

You don’t have to struggle with serious medical conditions and a compromised quality of life due to excess weight. At Enfield Royal Clinic your happiness is our ultimate goal. Our dedicated team of experts in the weight loss field led by dr Szabolcs Papp will help you make a healthy, educated decision to begin your journey. Our balloon weight loss systems allow you to lose weight quickly, but without any surgery involved.

Meet our dear patients Bouthaina and Younis. ☺️

They came all the way from Oman to Dubai to start the Allurion Gastric Balloon Program with us at the clinic. 🇴🇲🇦🇪

Stay tuned as we’ll document their weight loss journey with the Allurion Balloon, which creates a feeling of fullness to reduce hunger while learning healthy new eating habits. 🔥

Did you know that teaming up with a partner can make all the difference when it comes to losing weight? 🤝

Studies show that weight loss buddies can help each other stay accountable and motivated, leading to greater success in reaching their goals. 🏆

Find your weight loss ally today and start achieving your best self together! ✨🧑‍🤝‍🧑

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Richard lost 25kgs

“I love the digital aspect of the Elipse Program and weighing in every few days really helps me with my weight loss.”

Hetsie lost 13kgs

“I love the fact that there is no surgery, no endoscopy, no anaesthesia.”

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Feel satisfied Faster

Eat smaller portions​


May reduce cravings


May reduce snacking

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