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Are you ready to reinvent your look? We are offering a variety of popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance your beauty from head to toe.

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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers, also known as Lip Augmentation or Lip Injections, are a popular treatment which addresses many lip concerns.

  • Creates bigger lips / increases fullness of thin lips.
  • Enhances lip definition
  • Creates a more defined smile
  • Give the mouth area a youthful, rejuvenated appearance

Dermal fillers are also effective for smoothing out ‘Lipstick Lines’ or ‘Smokers Lines’ around the mouth, as well as other troublesome areas on the face.


Botox is probably the most common and well known cosmetic injection out there. Botox helps to temporarily smoothen undesired facial wrinkles and folds to improve the overall appearance. Botox works by temporarily weakening or paralyzing muscles or nerves. Thanks to this effect, muscles of the face that would otherwise continue to fold-up and wrinkle with facial expressions, become smooth and unaffected, yielding a more youthful look.


PRP - Vampire Facial


Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP-Vampire Facial): Vampire facials are gaining more and more popularity, even amongst celebrities, due to great results and peculiar nickname. A vampire facial gets its name from the use of the patient’s own blood to centrifuge high levels of platelets that will then be injected back into the skin. Platelets are involved in the healing and repair of various tissues throughout the body, this is because many of these platelets are packing with growth factors that will drive forward a healing cascade. By injecting a high concentration of the patient’s own platelets back into the skin, a physician is able to stimulate regeneration and a more youthful appearance.

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Are you ready to reinvent your look? Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai is the best place to fulfill all your eye-catching beauty goals. We are offering a variety of popular cosmetic procedures to enhance your beauty from head to toe. At our clinic, Customer satisfaction has always been our priority.

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