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VelaShape® is a subtle treatment that can offer confidence-inspiring body contouring and cellulite reduction. The procedure uses a combination of infrared light, radio frequency, and vacuum technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite with considerable effect. Typical outcomes can include a more youthful appearance, reduced circumference, and improved skin texture. Patients can enjoy the benefits of an enhanced appearance without downtime or significant discomfort.


The most successful outcomes for VelaShape® are often seen in patients with average body weight or better. A body mass index of 30 or less is recommended for maximum efficacy. It is recommended that treatments be applied after meeting targeted weight loss goals. The procedure can be applied to multiple areas of the body including the thighs, buttocks, flanks, abdomen, neck, and arms. Both male and female skin can be treated with VelaShape®.

Meet Saja


Saja graduated from American University of Beirut (AUB) with a BSC in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2016.
“For years I’ve been meeting different types of people with different goals and perspectives, I learned that each person’s” healthy lifestyle” definition differs.”
Having a strong belief in the power of food on our overall health, Saja will help you learn how to match your preferences, mood and daily routine with healthy personalized programs.
“I strongly aim to provide you with all the knowledge and tools needed to build new healthy habits and lose the old unhealthy ones.”
Specialized in Sports Nutrition, Saja can also help you complement your workouts with the perfect diet plan to optimize your performance and results.

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